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Pre & Post-Launch Services

Social Media Campaign

Using video trailers and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we build an audience of excited users for your app. See our Facebook fanpage here.

  • Consultation
  • Video trailers
  • Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Beta Tester Recruiting Campaign

Our community of gamers would love to beta test your game. Beta users are a valuable resource for product feedback.

  • Consultation
  • Beta tester recruiting
  • Beta APK install
  • Collect beta user feedback
  • Beta install report and analysis

Pre-Registration Campaign

Users pre-register for upcoming games. We notify users when the game launches and send them a coupon code for a rare in-game item.

  • Consultation
  • Set up social media site
  • Video and Facebook marketing
  • Acquire leads
  • Lead report
  • App installation

Engagement Event Campaign

We create events to engage users, encouraging them to continue playing.

  • Consultation
  • Set up social media event site
  • Video and Facebook marketing
  • Promo coupon management
  • Engagement report

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